Embracing Nature at Hawk Ridge Ranch

hawk ridge ranch cattleHawk Ridge Ranch Utah is owned and operated by the Webb family. After a 45-year career working in journalism, government and politics, LaVarr Webb bought the 240-acre ranch nestled in the remote foothills of the Raft River Mountains in far northern Utah.

We are building our herds to provide fresh, natural meat and honey, plus we plan in the future to offer accommodations and activities for family reunions, youth conferences, and corporate retreats.

We’re located in a little-known, remote corner of Utah with lots of fresh air and sparkling clean water. We raise grass-fed beef, pastured poultry and pigs, and honey. We also raise a few horses, herding dogs, and will add sheep and goats, and other animals.

Our farm management differs dramatically from the big factory farms that supply meat to supermarket chains. We raise our animals and manage our farm the way Mother Nature intended. Our animals don’t spend their lives in tight cages or in crowded feedlots. Instead, they enjoy green pastures, fresh creek water and shady groves of trees. They don’t need and they don’t receive hormones, antibiotics or other medications. Our meat is not injected with water or saline solutions.

Lush grass and excellent soil are at the foundation of our meat production. We are dividing our pastures into paddocks so the animals can be rotated through them in a way that maximizes fertile soil and grass production. Our fields are naturally fertilized. Weeds and bugs are kept in check without use of weed poisons and pesticides.

We plan to add a variety of animals to take advantage of the many varieties of grasses, weeds and forbs. Cows graze differently than do sheep, goats, pigs and poultry. By rotating different animals across pastures, brushy areas, and tree groves, the animals pick out what is best for them while fertilizing and providing natural weed and pest control.

The animal’s hooves push manure and grass stalks into the soil. The animals are moved regularly from one paddock to the next, so they never damage the grass by eating it to the roots.

Our soil improves each year with more microbes and soil organisms that enrich the soil and keep it moisturized and healthy.

Our animals continue to graze well into the fall and winter, with winter feed needs supplemented by our own grass hay.

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