Dear Friends,

Winter is coming and we’re getting tired of feeding pigs. They’re cute when they’re small, but they’re actually quite obnoxious animals. Always getting out and rooting up the garden.

So if anyone would like some great pastured pork, now’s the time to get it – just in time for the holidays. We’re selling at a really good price, just $1.75 per pound hanging weight, plus you pay the butcher to kill, cut and wrap. Your final price will be less than $3 per pound for terrific bacon, sausage, ham, roasts and ribs (depending on how you want it smoked and cut up).  Half a pig will be 70-80 pounds of meat.

Animals are going to the butcher soon, so send me an email message and let me know if you’re interested. Or go to and click on “Pastured Pork for Sale”. You can read more there and reserve your meat using PayPal. I believe the price quoted there is more than this offer, but you’ll get it for $1.75 per pound hanging weight.

Our animals are raised naturally, with no antibiotics, growth hormones or other medications. Our pigs root and graze in pasture paddocks, with local grains as supplemental feed. We don’t put herbicides or pesticides on our pastures.

We use certified/registered slaughterhouse/butchers. You pay us for raising the meat, based on the hanging weight of the animal. You pay the butcher for harvesting, cutting and wrapping, and you pick up your meat there. (We can help with delivery, if necessary.)

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