Dear Friends,

As some of you know, I have a fun secret life as a weekend farmer, and we’re actually producing some product. I want to offer you some delicious pastured pork and/or grassfed beef at a very low friends-and-family price. It’s a great chance to fill your freezer with delicious meat at a can’t-beat price. I want people to try our meat, so I’m selling it at essentially my cost, almost half off the regular price. Way, way below natural meat sold on-line or at a farmer’s market or grocery store.

We recently harvested three Dexter steers and five pigs, and we’ll have more pork in a few weeks. So we have quite a lot of pork, and some beef right now.

So instead of paying the regular price of $3.00 per pound hanging weight for pastured pork, I’m charging only $2.00. That will bring your final cost down to about $3.50 per pound cut and wrapped for yummy bacon, ham, ribs, roasts, etc. (depending on how you want it cut and smoked).

The special beef price is $2.25 per pound hanging weight. That will bring your final cost down to around $4 per pound cut and wrapped for grassfed beef, including burger, steaks, roasts, etc. Check out grassfed beef on-line or in the grocery store and it will run from $8 per pound for hamburger to $18 a pound for the best steaks.

I’m only selling half or full animals. Half a pig will be 70-80 pounds of meat. Half a steer will be about 150 pounds of meat.

I need reservations immediately because the animals have been harvested and are hanging to age. Just send me an email message and tell me what you want. Or go to and click on “Dexter Beef for Sale” or “Pastured Pork for Sale”. You can read more there and reserve your meat using PayPal. The prices quoted there are more than I’m charging in this special offer.

Here’s more ranch info if you want to keep reading:

Our meat animals are raised naturally, with no antibiotics, growth hormones or other medications. Our beef animals eat grass exclusively, while our pigs root and graze in pasture paddocks, with local grains as supplemental feed. 

Dexter cattle are a heritage breed from Ireland that do really well on grass. They don’t need corn or other grain to fatten up nicely. The butcher said our Dexter meat was some of the best he’s ever seen. 

To harvest and sell the animals, we work with Earland’s Meats, a certified/inspected butcher/slaughterhouse in Garland, Box Elder County, which is close to Tremonton. Earland’s has a mobile slaughterhouse that is pulled right into our pasture to harvest the animals. Sorry to be a little morbid, but the animals are grazing one second and dead the next with a bullet between the eyes. They drop dead instantly. It’s vastly more humane than forcing the animals into a stock trailer, hauling them to a slaughterhouse, where they mingle with other terrified animals as they wait their turn. Our animals suffer no stress or fear, so no adrenaline or other stress hormones flood their muscles.

Because we don’t have our own certified butcher shop, we do not sell retail. We charge only for raising the animal, and we must sell bulk amounts, either half or whole. But the process is still simple. You pay us for raising the meat, based on the “hanging weight” of the animal. You pay Earland’s for harvesting, cutting and wrapping, and you pick up your meat from Earland’s.

I’m going to send out a periodic newsletter about the farm and products available. Just send me a message if you’re interested in meat or receiving for the newsletter.