Eggs For Sale

Our free-range/pastured hens lay delicious eggs.Everyone eats eggs, so why not eat eggs that are truly delicious and healthy? Our eggs feature hard shells and firm, deep orange yolks with dense nutrients and high Omega-3.

We have a flock of Black Australorp, Welsummer and Barnevelder hens that are loving life, free-ranging on pasture, getting exercise, producing beautiful, healthy brown eggs.  They feast on grass, greens, seeds, and bugs for about 80% of their diet, supplemented by free-choice, non-medicated laying mash.

Our hen houses are refurbished trailers that provide nests, roosts and protection from the elements. Every few days we move the hen houses to fresh spots on the pasture. The chickens get fresh greens, bugs, plenty of shade and fresh water — and they fertilize the pasture as a bonus. The chickens scratch and feed most of the day (except when they’re in a laying box), and re-enter the trailers at night to roost.

Some grocery stores sell what they call “cage-free” or “Omega-3” eggs. These chickens actually spend all their time crowded in a barren yard of hard-packed dirt, eating nothing but dry mash. Our chickens, by contrast, are truly free to wander and explore as they please, enjoying the good life on pasture.

Guard dogs protect our chickens from ground-level threats, and the birds have even learned to sense aerial predators (we have a healthy population of hawks and owls). They quickly dart for cover under the trailer or a nearby tree or bush whenever they sense danger from above.

Cost for eggs is $6.00 per dozen delivered. We are making deliveries once a week to the Wasatch Front. If you’re interested, please register to receive information about products as they become available and how to place orders.