The Hawks at Hawk Ridge Ranch

By LaVarr Webb What do you do when a stubborn hawk goes after your chickens? Our ranch is named Hawk Ridge Ranch because of the many hawks that perch and nest on the cliffs that border the creek corridor on the ranch. Numerous species of hawks soar above the cliffs and glide low along the […]

Lessons from a pig pen

By LaVarr Webb I’m a fairly traditional person who believes we ought to play nice (although I sometimes fall short of my own aspirations). I also believe politics ought to be civil and respectful. So, like many people, I’ve been baffled by the president’s late night/early morning tweets that often mock his opponents or take […]

Go take a hike!

By LaVarr Webb When people tell me to “take a hike,” (it really only happens a few times a day) I assume they’re looking out for my health, rather than insulting me. When I was young I did a lot of walking, but it was always to get somewhere. I walked to visit my friends, […]